November 04, 2004

Victory pose

In Japan, some gestures have similar meanings as they do in western countries but mostly, we don’t use it very often, and when using it, it seems not too aggressive but humbler than western ones. For example, when you win the game, you can express your joy of the victory with raising your arm high and making a fist. This sign could be universal, so a lot of scenes of this victory pose were shown in the Olympic games this summer. Although many Japanese JUDOISTs got gold medals, JUDOISTs in Japan are supposed to refrain from overt actions because the winner must respect the looser at the moment the game has finished. That is JUDO spirit. The same could be said not only for JUDO, but also for any kind of marshal arts in Japan. Sometimes, how you behave politely is prior to how you express your true feelings. However, all of the athletes in JAPAN including JUDOISTs can not help hiding this pleasant feeling. They must have a small victory pose in their mind.

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