October 08, 2004

The comment from the man in Vegas

Naoko is presently living in Las Vegas. I have been living here for about 4 months. I have been thinking that I need to learn and experience about American Culture and values if I am to provide the best quality services to both American men and Japanese women. I started interviewing American men and introducing them to the Kaiwa-USA this week. It is my first opportunity to interview an american man last week and we had a good time. It was a pleasure to know him and to inform him about Kaiwa-USA and the many services available to help him find a japanese woman that would someday be his wife. Here is the comment from Tak.One of important qualities I find in a Japanese woman is that they are very loyal, cordial and empathetic. I am very attractive to their cultural upbringing and the way they handle life obstacles with a sense of sincereness. Kaiwa-USA is very selective in interviewing ladies that want to be married and the ladies are very prepared in making sacrifices that enable them to find their dream love. (Tak, NV)

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